Big Moochie Grape - Big Juice Mp3 Download

Big Moochie Grape - Big Juice Mp3 Download

Big Moochie Grape - Big Juice

Big Moochie Grape - Big Juice Mp3 - Big juice 
is a song by popular musical artiste and rapper  stage name big moochie grape.

Big Moochie Grape - Big Juice download is avaliable to download fast on here

Big Moochie Grape - Big Juice lyrics 


Uh, yeah, yeah (Let the band play)

Hah, Big Moochie, yeah, yes, sir

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, let's go


Diamonds on my neck, they boxin' (Diamonds on my neck)

Send shots, a nigga weigh all this toxin (All this toxin)

James Harden, good with the rocket (Fah, flah)

Pull up to the trap and apply all the profit, yeah

Thot bitch full of the Roxies (Thot bitch)

Don't fuck with niggas like I'm sworn with the Nazis, yeah

Bite my swag, they copy (Bite)

Post in the spot with a whole lot of boxes (Yes, sir)

Pull up in my hood, get it poppin', huh (Get it poppin')

Cook a lil' nigga like hibachi (Hibachi)

New Prada kicks just cost me 1K, came a long way from Huaraches, yeah (Huaraches)

Worrisome ass bitch keep callin' my phone, talkin' 'bout I got money, I got cocky (Bitch)

I done got rich quick, now they throwin' big fits

Think I signed with Illuminati (Yes, sir)

This year, I'm plottin' on a 'Rari ('Rari)

Fuck that, might go'n and cop me a Bugatti (Skrrt, skrrt)

Lil' cuz just caught a body, huh (Body)

Shittin' on you niggas, hell nah, I'm not sorry (Shittin' on you niggas)

Four O's in the bag, not talkin' Audi (Uh-uh)

Say one word, lil' cuz get rowdy

Gon' crash about Grape 'cause you know I got it

Left pocket blue cheese, right pocket salad

Dolce Gabbana, don't fuck with no Ballys (Don't fuck with Ballys)

Thick bitch goldmine, flew her from Cali

Ooh-wee, look like a young Toni Braxton (Ooh)

Straight to the room, break her down like a fraction (Break her down)

Send this bitch home, then she send me a package (Send this bitch home)

Callin' my phone for exotic, I'm taxin' (Brrt)

Came from the Section 8, now it's a mansion (Section 8)

My bitch, she saddity, my daughters, they fancy (Yeah)

I lost my niggas and I lost some money (Damn)

Damn near lost my mind, goddamn, I was fucked up

Got patient with time and I stayed on the grind

Bitch, look at me now, goddamn, I done lucked up

Ridin' down Mendenhall with the nigga's lil' bitch, gettin' sucked up (Sucked up)

Yeah, she feelin' my style 'cause she see the young nigga ballin' just like Bill Russell (Bill 

With all these clusters

Nigga, I'm Bill Bellamy and you Buster (Buster)

Let shit burn on a nigga like Usher (Usher)

Tell these fuck niggas catch up, no mustard

Blow-Pop ass nigga, all y'all suckers (Suckers)

Huggin' the block and I ran all my bucks up (Yeah)

Fuckin' with Big Moochie, know that you fucked up

I got the juice 'round this bitch, get you touched up

I got the juice 'round this bitch, get you fucked up (Yeah)

The music video Big Moochie Grape - Big Juice Mp3 is on the official odd future youtube channel.

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